About Me

I am a film & television producer based out of New York City. As Executive Producer of the College Emmy-nominated late-night talk show Pitt Tonight, I have immense experience with all that goes into running a recurring television production. In 2022, my award-winning documentary “Next Stop” was an Official Selection in two national film festivals. The film examined the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on American suburban life. This led to an internship at HBO in their Documentary Films department, where I helped facilitate the launch of the Oscar-nominated film All The Breathes (2022).

As a leader in the filmmaking and artist community at Pitt (see more in my resume), I have solidified my passion to tell the stories I want to see on the big screen and collaborating with others to shed a light on the stories that deserve to be told right now.

Passionate about climate change reform, humanistic healthcare, gender equality

My website features my photography and video content over the past several years. Please contact me if any pieces interest you and/or you have any general inquiries. Thank you!